Elsie Locke Writing Prize

The Writing Prize is for original writing by students in years 7 and 8.

Elsie Locke was the author of many books for children and also wrote more than thirty stories for the School Journal. The first, “The Secret Rescue”, was published in 1959 and the last, “A Present from Pudding”, came out in 2001, the year of her death.

The Writing Prize is offered by the Elsie Locke Memorial Trust in conjunction with Lift Education and the School Journal to commemorate her life as a writer and as a worker for peace, the environment, women’s issues, and community.

It provides a wonderful opportunity for young writers to develop an original piece of writing for publication. The winner receives $250 and a commemorative bookplate and certificate, and their story is published in the School Journal.

For more information see This year’s competition.